It's an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization, with lots of Health Care Products & Services. Our Wellness Centers having the "State of the Art" Specialized physiotherapy facilities treating all conditions of physiotherapy under one roof. Currently located in various major cities in India, have the latest trends of treatment, dealing with Orthopedic, Post Surgical, Neurological, Pediatric, Gynecological, Cardio-pulmonary, Sports Physiotherapy, Life style conditions and Obesity. All the equipment are of high quality and have advanced technology. The latest and well researched treatment technique has awarded both our clinics with a number of satisfied patients.


  • More than thousands of Satisfied Patients.
  • Effective Physiotherapy treatment for all Orthopedic, Neurological, Post-Surgical, Pediatric, Sports Injuries & Life Style Conditions.
  • Individually tailor graded Basic, Progressive and Advanced Physiotherapy Exercises designed by well educated and highly experienced doctors and implemented across all the wellness centers.
  • Rich experience in the field of Clinical Physiotherapy and have avoided hundreds of surgeries through Effective Physiotherapy treatment.
  • Special Discount for Sr. Citizen, Widowers, Children below 5 years & BPL* patients. [BPL* Below Poverty Line]
  • Collaboration with major Insurance companies

OUR Plus Points

  • Wellnezzone also actively involved in arranging free camps and physiotherapy awareness programs with Social Organizations.
  • At Wellnezzone, we always emphasis on the Core physiotherapy exercises as to resolve the problem right from the root.
  • We have designed the Management protocol system, effective tools for Marketing, Counseling, Innovative Pricing method, Right Education to the patient, Billing software system, Customer feedback, Post Discharge Customer relationship Management etc... These all have been given in training to the Employees and Franchisee Partners so that patient experience is same everywhere and standard of treatment is enhanced.

Business Collaboration

  • Wellnezzone's staffs / doctors are always having up-to-date with the latest techniques through attending various training courses.
  • And the unique concept of the TPM [Targeted Pain Management] is, you will be given a tailor-made program of exercises, designed specifically for you. With our expert's treatment, many of the patients walk out with stress free and Pain free life from the clinic, who actually were advised for the surgery as an only option/treatment for the conditions they were suffering. With the help of effective Physiotherapy treatment, Surgery was completely overruled.
  • We have got the collaboration with the following professionals as a business associates and providing them a special Discounts
  • Medical Insurance Companies
  • Medical Tourism Companies
  • Hospitality Industries like Hotels, Airlines, etc...
  • Recreation Industries like Gyms, Clubs, Spas, Wellness Centers, etc...
  • Corporate Sectors like IT Industry, MNCs, etc...
  • Entertainment Industry like Films, Television Production Houses, etc...
  • Educational Faculties Like Schools, Colleges, Dance Academies, etc...
  • Resident Associations & Social Groups.
  • Advertising Companies & Retirement Community.