Frequently Asked Questions

We are providing all kind of health care services at your doorstep with low price. Very easy to approach and no advance payment we collect.

They can give all kind of supportive care.. example.. Assisting in brushing, bathing, dressing, diaper changing and cleaning, support for walking etc…

Nurse can do all kind of nursing procedures along with supportive Care.. 

Example: Injection, Medical and surgical dressing, checking vital signs and monitoring patient with medical equipment

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation specialty which deals with pain management, restoring and maintaining of functional movements using wide range of therapeutic exercise protocol, manual therapy, electrotherapy, education and advice.

PT’s are rehabilitation professionals who evaluate physical problems and injuries, provide a complete treatment plan, education
and advice to promote health and function.

No you don’t need a doctor’s referral.

A complete documentation and examination of your pain or condition by our physiotherapist. A treatment plan based on the assessment would be recommended. Proper explanation of the procedures explained and ask for your consent.

You can call our staff for current rates and service rates. Proper invoicing and billing will be undertaken.

Treatment plan by any physical therapist includes electrotherapy, exercise therapy, manual therapy, rehabilitation, conditioning etc.

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