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How do I reduce tummy fat after pregnancy delivery?

Reducing tummy fat after childbirth can be difficult, but it is definitely doable with a combination of healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Breastfeeding and exercises that not only help you lose weight around your abdomen but also strengthen your pelvic floor, abdomen, and lower back muscles can help you lose belly fat after pregnancy.

  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding burns calories and shrinks the uterus, which can help with tummy fat reduction. Breastfeeding produces oxytocins, which aid contractions and cause the uterus to constrict. This helps to restore your uterus to pre-pregnancy size, making breastfeeding one of the most effective postpartum weight loss strategies.
  • Balanced diet: Eating a well-balanced diet is good for your overall health, but it can also help you lose belly fat. Focus on a protein- and fiber-rich diet that is low in sugar and processed foods. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean protein and whole grains.
  • Workout: If you want to lose that stubborn belly fat after labour, you must incorporate at least 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise and strength training into your daily routine. When your baby is fast asleep, do it. Core abdominal workouts may help reduce diastasis recti (a condition in which six-pack ab muscles separate due to stretching during pregnancy) within the first six to twelve months after delivery. But first, consult with your doctor to see if there are any kegels or abdominal exercises you should avoid.

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